Amie Rowe

Executive Advisor
As a trained industrial and organizational psychologist, I have deep understanding and appreciation for the crucial role of human capital in organizations. I’m passionate about putting this experience to work, offering a fresh perspective, strategic viewpoint, and practical guidance to help companies overcome today’s tough talent strategy challenges.

Favorite Problem to Solve

Many people see change as a challenge, but I see it as an opportunity. I love finding new solutions and different ways of solving problems – to drive the most impact for an individual, team or firm.

Unique Perspective

I’ve worked as an external consultant, and internal leader, and I’ve run my own business. After 30 years as a leadership consultant, executive coach, business exec and board member, I’ve seen talent challenges from all sides, and I’ve learned it’s best to take a strategic, programmatic approach to talent strategy.

What I Value Most

I value the ability to help leaders and teams build a better understanding about the things that get in their way of success. There are (sometimes surprising) insights that can make a big difference for leaders on a very human level.
I am a Hogan believer and expert, so I see Verity as a unique opportunity to make a big difference for individual leaders and teams in professional services.

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