Bill Hector
Executive Advisor

I am a seasoned executive advisor and team development expert with a wealth of experience honed over 30 years in Fortune 50 organizations. In my role, I act as a sherpa, guiding my clients to find the right “mountain” and helping them take challenging steps along the journey.

Favorite Problem to Solve

I always start from a place of curiosity and humble inquiry as I meet with the client to explore complex and/or ambiguous situations. My approach is to stand side-by-side with them, looking at a problem to be solved together, and sharing the joy as they find the solution with my help.

Unique Perspective

I’ve had the great fortune of learning and applying my skills within a variety of organizations from global Fortune 50 to mid-sized firms. I’ve developed an executive advisory practice, launched two nonprofit organizations, and advised leaders at all levels including CEOs and Boards of Directors. This broad foundation provides multiple perspectives as I help my clients explore their challenges from all angles – the helicopter view, the treetops, and as needed, the weeds.

What I Value Most
The Kinavic value that resonates with me is Purpose and Intention. I try to approach my personal and professional life with purpose and intention in all I do. If we are not purposeful or intentional, how can we be successful?
I chose Kinavic Leadership Acceleration because the enthusiasm and energy the team exhibits for the great work Kinavic completes is palpable. I wanted to be a part of it!

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