Carolina Gonzalez
Operations Coordinator

As the Operations Coordinator for Kinavic, I’m passionate about learning new things and creating innovative solutions. I love to go beyond the traditional way of doing things to improve processes that help people succeed and thrive.

Favorite Problem to Solve
I love finding the needle in a haystack to discover the real root of a problem. I enjoy finding the actual cause of something or the piece that is missing, and then helping to build the optimal solution. 
Unique Perspective

I went to Argentina for a school exchange and made many friends from different parts of the world. Learning about the culture of other countries has changed the way I think, helping me bring multiple perspectives to a challenge. I love learning, so I will always seek and try new things. I see challenges as opportunities for me to get better at something new. 

What I Value Most

My favorite Kinavic value is Science + Wisdom. To me, these two traits are like a couple dancing in perfect coordination. Many times, people only trust their wisdom, while others choose to believe in science. But when combined, these unique and helpful traits provide the most valuable and helpful insights.  

I chose Kinavic Leadership Acceleration because I am motivated by knowing that the work I do can make a big change and help others. I have always wanted my work to align with something that I believe in, and I think that companies have a lot of influence in the world. Better teams, better companies, better world.

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