Cynthia Ridley
Executive Advisor

With over 30 years of experience developing leaders and teams, I am passionate about accelerating leaders. My Fortune 100 leadership roles, business acumen, management consulting and engineering systems knowledge combined with my passion to help leaders expand into their greater potential makes the work I do meaningful and fulfilling.

Favorite Problem to Solve

I love to solve the intricate challenges that stem from advising leaders who play big. Whether they need to build confidence, expand executive presence, acquire the ability to influence others to gain followership, or inspire those around them, I love to help leaders on their journeys. I thrive when I help new or existing leaders build new teams/organizations, lead transformational projects, and develop into strategic thought leaders. I also enjoy helping teams improve dynamics, alignment, and communication, especially as they navigate the challenges of virtual work and bringing in new hires.

Unique Perspective

I have a deep appreciation and understanding of what it takes to become a strong leader who can build their business and team to successfully scale, adapt and deliver. With a commitment to help clients evolve, I apply my unique perspectives and methods from my own journey. I believe that leaders grow when they see and own their impact and that adversity offers an opportunity to stretch professionally and personally.

What I Value Most
I value purpose and intention – there is nothing more energizing and fulfilling in life than achieving and living into your greater potential as a leader – the positive effects play-forward to teams, organizations, and results. It is good for people and business.
I am passionate about supporting clients to solve the intricate challenges of leading in today’s complex ever changing business environment and in doing so, to play a bigger game. Whether they need to refine their leadership impact, build a culture that consistently delivers, scale the organization or influence decisions across the organization, I love to help leaders on their journeys.
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