Stephanie Kotch-Tames

Executive Advisor
As a seasoned HR executive, I enjoy partnering with leaders and firms to increase success in times of massive business and cultural transformation. I help leaders identify potential derailers while uncovering the ‘why’ behind behaviors, creating a deep understanding of the impact they have on themselves, their teams, and the goals of their firm. I’m passionate about helping executives become the best possible versions of themselves.

Favorite Problem to Solve

Achieving success at the executive level is not just about the ‘what’ of results and successes. It’s also about ‘how’ leaders show up every day and how they operate under stress. I love helping leaders understand which aspects of their ‘how’ prevent them from maximizing their potential, and then building a strategy for development and acceleration.

Unique Perspective

I’ve spent over 25 years as an HR professional in technology, professional services, and financial services firms where I led teams during times of massive change. My focus on executive leaders across companies of all sizes provides a unique perspective on navigating cultural nuances that new and transitioning leaders face.

What I Value Most

My greatest reward is when my clients have that “aha” moment that completely shifts the game for them. It happens when the leader is 100% invested and committed to the process. Most rewardingly, when it happens for the client, the energy is palpable.
I chose Kinavic Leadership Acceleration for the unique opportunity to support both newly hired leaders and the organization with data driven insights, supported by wisdom and experience.

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