• Leadership Assessment

    Our proprietary Verity Leadership AssessmentSM, powered by Hogan Assessments, is at the core of everything we do, and the only assessment built specifically for professional services leadership.
A proven, industry-specific assessment is critical to benchmarking top talent, assessing fit to role and firm, accelerating leadership performance, and building more diverse and resilient teams.
Our proprietary Verity Leadership Assessment is based on decades of historical data, and is industry and occupation specific. Built on the proven Hogan platform, it is available in 51 languages, and uses 28 scales and 124 subscales.
  • Identify the most highly leverageable leadership traits to enhance leadership effectiveness
  • Score the behaviors that support five key leadership competencies, predictive to success in professional services
  • Proven to help with selection and performance acceleration strategies
  • Normed against partners and managing directors performing in top 20% of peer group
Improve overall accuracy with 10% more good hires / 10% less bad hires
Decrease attrition of Manager/Sr Manager group by 27%
Hogan Scales and subscales present in Verity assessment algorithm

Use Verity to Solve Tough Challenges

The Verity Leadership Assessment is at the core of everything we do. Here are some examples of use cases where Verity drives measurable value.

Align Leader Strengths to Best Use

Today’s leaders want more meaningful opportunities. Assess strengths, derailers and motivators of top talent, aligning them to roles where they can achieve their highest potential.

Increase Success Rate of Talent Acquisition

Costs per hire are at an all-time high, especially at the leadership level. Increase your hit rate for successful hiring by assessing talent to predict success.

Build Sustainable DE&I Programs

You’ve invested in diversity — now what? Protect your investments with a talent strategy and structure that increases success rate and performance for the long term.

A Bespoke Approach to
Leadership Insights icon

The Verity Leadership Assessment is at the core of a wholistic set of Kinavic Leadership Acceleration services for professional services leaders.

For the Leader:
Provide valuable actionable insights to individual leaders that increase their ability to achieve their full potential.
For the Firm:
Assess fit to the role and organization. Outline key risk mitigation and performance acceleration insights that support alignment and ramp of leadership candidates.
These qualitative and quantitative insights are proven to increase alignment, performance, engagement, and retention, while decreasing time-to-success, stakeholder investment, and attrition rates.
Better leaders, better teams.
Straightforward process:
  • Verity Leadership Assessment given to leader
  • 1:1 debrief session with a Kinavic Leadership Acceleration executive advisor
  • Assess fit to role and organization
  • Identify most impactful opportunities to accelerate performance
  • Readout with stakeholders, outlining key insights to accelerate success

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