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Accelerating success is no longer just about acquiring great executive talent – it’s about actively investing in leaders and teams to maximize potential.
Aligning each leader with the right work and the right team results in exponential acceleration. And diversity and inclusion at all levels must be a core strategy for sustainable growth and success.
At Kinavic Leadership Acceleration, we combine science and data with deep leadership understanding to provide actionable insights backed by logic and experience. We make a material impact for our clients, using methods and algorithms that are the product of more than 20 years of data and continuous evolution.

Our Services


Leadership Assessment

Our proprietary Verity Leadership AssessmentSM, powered by Hogan Assessments, is at the core of everything we do, and the only assessment built specifically for professional services leadership.

Success Benchmarking

Decode “DNA” to understand what leadership traits and behaviors drive success in your firm’s culture, informing strategies for hiring, assessment and acceleration.

New Leader Acceleration

Protect investments in new leadership talent. Support new leaders, lateral hires, and promoted leaders to reduce turnover and accelerate time-to-traction.

Leadership Performance Acceleration

Spark measurable performance acceleration in your leaders. Verity data and insights help optimize each leader’s potential to inspire higher performance and deliver superior service.

Team Alignment & Acceleration

Increase team effectiveness by leveraging Verity data to understand collective strengths and leadership DNA, mitigate gaps, and encourage diversity in all forms.

Talent Due Diligence

For professional services and PE firms engaged in acquisition, gather insights on the key leadership team, skills, and alignment. Build effective risk mitigation plans to smooth the M&A process and increase success rate of leadership team integration.

How We’re Different

How many times have you taken a leadership assessment at work, and then done nothing with it? Or worked with a “career coach” who didn’t understand your unique industry-related challenges?

At Kinavic Leadership Acceleration, we’re true talent strategists tied to tangible outcomes. The work we do sparks measurable transformation – both for the leaders we accelerate and the sponsors that hire us to drive business performance.

We believe in a holistic, strategic approach to identifying, developing, and retaining leadership talent. We’ve honed our proven methods and algorithms over decades of doing this work for top tier consulting and professional services talent.

We know talent and we come from the industries, firms and roles we serve. Our work balances the drive for acceleration with the wisdom of experience and the stewardship we feel for our clients’ investments.

We can’t wait to work with you.

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