• Leadership Acceleration

    We are a leadership acceleration and advisory firm focused on maximizing the potential of executive talent.

    We bring together science and data with deep human understanding to drive growth and performance improvements that you can actually measure.

We radically amplify leadership potential.

As talent strategists, the work we do sparks measurable performance acceleration in leaders and teams. The professional services and private equity firms we work with protect their investments in top talent and drive sustainable practice growth. Typical results include:
Speed the time-to-traction on new leadership investments by 6 months
Improve performance to drive a 15% increase in practice or portfolio growth
Build more diverse teams by reducing turn and de-risking non-traditional hires by 32%

Our strategic approach to talent acceleration is tied to real outcomes



Verity Leadership


Our proprietary assessment, is the only one built specifically for professional services leadership.
Developed in partnership with Hogan Assessments, it is at the core of everything we do.


Talent Strategies

The Science of


Our statistically validated algorithm is proven to predict performance and accelerate your leaders.
That’s because it correlates leadership traits to your unique context, role, and business requirements.



The Wisdom of

Talent Advisors

As stewards of your talent and your business we drive leaders to tangible outcomes.
Our strategic approach to accelerating leaders is grounded in behavioral science and informed by decades of experience in the industries and roles we serve.

Driven to Help Solve Your Toughest Challenges

Invest in Partner Readiness

It’s expensive to hire partners from outside of the firm. Identify your high potentials and invest in development to build and retain the next generation of leaders.

Build Sustainable DE&I Programs

You’ve invested in diversity – now what? Protect your investments with a talent strategy and structure that increases success rate and performance for the long term.

Drive Practice and Revenue Growth

Hiring for growth only goes so far. Drive revenue increases per partner and measurable performance improvement by aligning talent to put the right people in the right roles.

Decode Success DNA in Your Culture

What behaviors really drive success at your firm? Benchmark leaders and culture carriers to reliably predict success of new hires, lateral hires, promoted leaders, and teams.

Accelerate New Leaders

Get a faster return on your human capital investments. Speed time to traction with a combination of science and wisdom – combining data with business context and talent strategy.

De-Risk Non-Traditional Hires

In a tight talent market, great new leaders may come from non-traditional sources. Develop a talent strategy to increase traction and success rate as you widen your hiring aperture.

Increase Success of Acquired Teams

Big changes can derail even the best teams. Perform talent due diligence to gather insights on skills and alignment. Create talent strategies to increase the probability of success.

Align Leader Strengths to Best Use

Today’s leaders want more meaningful opportunities. Assess strengths, derailers and motivators of top talent, aligning them to roles where they can achieve the highest potential.

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