• Leadership Performance Acceleration

    Spark measurable performance acceleration in your leaders. Verity data and insights help optimize each leader’s potential to inspire higher performance and deliver superior service.

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Firms have high expectations for leaders – as they should. Top performers drive substantial practice and revenue growth. But with the leadership talent market experiencing record highs in turnover, failure to launch and cost to hire, business growth is at risk.

Hiring your way out of this challenge is not enough. To continue to meet aggressive practice and growth goals, focus on identifying, retaining and developing the leadership talent you have.

  • Increase revenue per partner
  • Decrease attrition, increase retention
  • Build and retain the next generation of leaders
  • Align leaders to roles where they can achieve the highest potential
  • Position your firm as a destination for top talent
Increase performance on assigned metrics YoY by 8%
Decrease attrition of Manager/Sr manager group by 27%
Increase team engagement of next level directs and practice area

Leadership Performance Acceleration Solves Tough Challenges

Invest in Partner Readiness

It is expensive to hire partners from outside of the firm. Identify your high potentials and invest in development to build and retain the next generation of leaders.

Drive Practice and Revenue Growth

Hiring for growth only goes so far. Drive revenue increases per partner and measurable performance improvement by aligning talent to put the right people in the right roles.

Align Leader Strengths to Best Use

Today’s leaders want more meaningful opportunities. Assess strengths, derailers and motivators of top talent, aligning them to roles where they can achieve the highest potential.

Build Sustainable DE&I Programs

You’ve invested in diversity – now what? Protect your investments with a talent strategy and structure that increases success rate and performance for the long term.


A Bespoke Approach to
Accelerating Leadership Performance icon

Leveraging the Verity Leadership AssessmentSM – the only assessment built specifically for professional services leadership – we assess and understand the unique behaviors inherent to the leader.

We partner with stakeholders to learn key business objectives and future growth goals, cultural considerations for the practice, and expectations for the role. We connect these insights with the leadership DNA of the participating leader to highlight focus areas to accelerate performance.
Informed by data, our high-touch approach includes 1:1 acceleration advisory sessions for the leader with a Kinavic Leadership Acceleration executive advisor and Hogan expert. We stay connected to the internal advocacy team with regular two-way sessions to increase communication and actionable feedback.
At the end of the process, we facilitate a final readout and hand off to internal talent partners.
Straightforward process:
  • 1:1 debrief sessions for the leader with a Kinavic Leadership Acceleration advisor
  • Stakeholder summit to understand business imperatives and cultural insights OR readout with stakeholder group
  • Regular 1:1 sessions with leader throughout engagement
  • Periodic sessions with stakeholder group

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