• New Leader Acceleration

    Protect investments in new leadership talent. Support new leaders, lateral hires, and promoted leaders to reduce turnover and accelerate time-to-traction.

Protect Investments in New Leadership Talent icon

For newly hired or promoted leaders, speed-to-traction is a costly challenge. The path to success requires a connected set of resources – both internal and external – that are committed to and accountable for the new leader’s success.

Onboarding and orientation are only part of the equation. Success requires customized and end-to-end integration programs designed around the new leader’s unique leadership DNA, role context and business imperatives.

  • Accelerate time-to-traction for new leaders
  • De-risk key hires
  • Speed return on human capital investments
  • Increase new leader’s followership and engagement of their teams
  • Empower new leaders with navigation skills to ramp quickly
Accelerated new leaders perform in the top 21% of their peer group
Decrease stakeholder time to onboard/ramp from 30 hours to 8 in year one
Decrease time-to-productivity from industry standard 15-18 months down to 9-12

New Leader Acceleration Solves Tough Challenges

Accelerate New Leaders

Get a faster return on your human capital investments. Speed time to traction with a combination of science and wisdom – combining data with business context and talent strategy.

Build Sustainable DE&I Programs

You’ve invested in diversity – now what? Protect your investments with a talent strategy and structure that increases success rate and performance for the long term.

De-Risk Non-Traditional Hires

In a tight talent market, great new leaders may come from non-traditional sources. Develop a talent strategy to increase traction and success rate as you widen your hiring aperture.

A Bespoke Approach to
Integrating New Leaders icon

New Leader Acceleration kicks off before the leader begins their journey in a new role and stays with them throughout their orientation and onboarding time frame.
Leveraging the Verity Leadership AssessmentSM – the only assessment built specifically for professional services leadership – we assess and understand the unique behaviors inherent to the new leader.
We partner closely with internal stakeholders to understand specific expectations and cultural considerations for the role. We connect this context with the leadership DNA of the new leader, highlighting specific risk mitigation and performance acceleration insights.
Informed by data, we activate the interlock between the new leader and the stakeholder team, increasing the direct support for the leader and decreasing the amount of time required from the stakeholder group to successfully ramp.
Straightforward process:
  • New leader takes Verity Leadership Assessment
  • 1:1 debrief session with leader and Kinavic Leadership Acceleration advisor
  • Readout with stakeholder group
  • Regular 1:1 sessions with new leader through ramp
  • Regular sessions with internal advocacy team
  • Final stakeholder readout meeting and handoff to internal talent partners

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