• Team Alignment & Acceleration

    Increase team effectiveness by leveraging Verity data to understand collective strengths and leadership DNA, mitigate gaps, and encourage diversity in all forms.

Build More Diverse and Resilient Teams icon

Creating and enabling high-performing leadership teams is critical to the success of the organization.

To maximize overall team performance and drive the most value, firms must assure that the right leaders are in the right roles. Maximize performance by aligning leadership talent on your team to increase effectiveness, improve client service and drive practice growth.

  • Accelerate measurable performance for the team and the firm
  • Align team members to roles where they can achieve their highest potential
  • Cultivate team conditions that nurture diverse mindsets
  • Decrease attrition, increase retention
Assigned Portfolio growth up 15% year over year
Increase in team productivity and effectiveness
Decrease attrition of Sr Manager group by 27%

Team Alignment & Acceleration Solves Tough Challenges

Align Leader Strengths to Best Use

Today’s leaders want more meaningful opportunities. Assess strengths, derailers and motivators of top talent, aligning them to roles where they can achieve the highest potential.

Drive Practice and Revenue Growth

Hiring for growth only goes so far. Drive revenue increases per partner and measurable performance improvement by aligning talent to put the right people in the right roles.

Increase Team Collaboration

Building leadership awareness as a team increases connectivity, effective communication and problem solving.


A Bespoke Approach to
Aligning & Accelerating Teams icon
Leveraging the Verity Leadership AssessmentSM – the only assessment built specifically for professional services leadership – we assess and understand the unique behaviors inherent to each member of the leadership team.
Each leader and stakeholder will participate in culture interviews to gain qualitative insights on the team and cultural drivers of the firm. We provide valuable actionable insights to individual leaders that increase their ability to achieve their full potential.
We then facilitate a leadership summit to connect the dots of individual assessments with the context of the team, firm and culture. We deliver a data map of unique strengths, derailers and intrinsic motivators of individual team leaders and the collective. We discuss gaps, opportunities, and alignment recommendations to accelerate team performance and enable practice growth.
Straightforward process:
  • Stakeholder summit to understand key business challenges and plans
  • Leaders take Verity Leadership Assessment
  • Debrief session for each leader with a Kinavic Leadership Acceleration advisor
  • Facilitation team workshop
  • Alignment and acceleration recommendations

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