Alicia Stewart
Director of Client Success
With a passion for driving results and a commitment to excellence, I have built my career as a trusted professional who is dedicated to delivering value to clients.
Favorite Problem to Solve
I enjoy the challenge of aligning leadership development programs with the unique needs and goals of our diverse clients to yield the most impactful results.
Unique Perspective
I’ve spent my career in professional services building relationships and learning how to best serve senior-level clients across a wide array of backgrounds and industries. I’ve led client service and strategic operations on key accounts and have a true passion for ensuring that our clients are well educated along the way and truly happy with the outcome of our programs.
What I Value Most
I love learning about our clients and understanding their unique organization’s DNA and how we can best support and accelerate their growth and performance. 
I came to Kinavic from Executive Search and quickly realized that our shared passion for using data-driven solutions to help clients unleash the potential of their leadership talent meant that this was the place for me.

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