Missy McNabb
Client Executive
Over the past 30+ years, having been in HR or professional services, serving a variety of industries and organizations, I have learned about the incredible power of leadership. New technologies and processes come and go, but what leaders can do makes an impact on us all. Helping leaders be the best they can be is my version of public service.
Favorite Problem to Solve
Working with leaders who are committed their their own growth is exciting and fun. They take the difficult feedback, create a vision for who they want to be in the future and do what it takes to make that a reality. The moment that they realize they have achieved their goal is always incredible – like they won their own Olympic gold medal!
Unique Perspective
Using my ability to build rapport and trust quickly, coupled with my experience as a non-practicing attorney enables me to see all aspects of a leader. I like to be known as a positive catalyst for change and have enduring relationships with my clients.
What I Value Most
I have always lived my life by placing the highest value on the relationships I have with friends and family, and my professional network. There is nothing more important that nurturing those relationships and being there to support each other.
I was looking for a place that feeds my curiosity, makes me a better professional and a better person – what better place could there be?

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