Laine Howells

Chief of Staff
As the Chief of Staff, I work closely with the CEO and our internal teams to manage strategic initiatives, programs, and processes in support of Kinavic Leadership Acceleration’s strategy, while removing barriers. I’m passionate about making sure Kinavic Leadership Acceleration has a broader impact for the executive talent and firms we serve.

Favorite Problem to Solve

Aligning each person with purpose is the most rewarding and exciting part of what I do and enjoy. Throughout my career, I have had the privilege of meeting and collaborating with people from diverse backgrounds and cultures. This has enriched my life and has expanded my understanding of how unique each person is.

Unique Perspective

My experience spans across all functional areas of business (strategy, marketing, finance, human resources, technology, and operations). I use this broad range of knowledge to build leadership strategies that continuously drive innovation while designing tactical solutions that position organizations for long-term, sustainable growth.

What I Value Most

I care deeply about serving others, whether it’s in my work, with my family, or in my church. I’m deeply connected to the idea of perpetual growth and transformation because this continuous evolution helps us understand – and therefore serve – others better.
The Kinavic Leadership Acceleration team has an undeniable drive for results that is unmatched. There is purpose and intention behind our decisions that ensure the absolute best outcomes for our clients.

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