Reni Pekala
Executive Advisor
I’m a trusted advisor and strategic partner to leaders, with a proven track record for catalyzing leadership development that yields immediate results and sustained growth. I understand the unique challenges of today’s leaders in professional services and can adeptly support their journey. I am passionate about using a data-driven approach to help leaders achieve their personal and professional goals and for organizations to accelerate their executive talent.
Favorite Problem to Solve
I love helping executives address and find solutions for any obstacles they may be encountering. It is extremely rewarding to support leaders in discovering unique ways to overcome these obstacles through our work together and see the insights gained applied to future challenges.
Unique Perspective
With more than 20 years of experience in strategy and management consulting, leadership development, and talent strategy, my career spans various clients in industries such as Financial Services (FS), Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG), and Technology. I have resided in three different countries and occupied positions of leadership at local, regional, and global levels within diverse multinational teams. My firsthand experience has provided me with insights into the unique challenges and rewards associated with executive talent in consulting.
What I Value Most
I hold the trust of the leaders I collaborate with in high regard, enabling me to join them in their journey toward personal and professional growth. As we move beyond the questions of ‘What?’ and ‘How?’ and concentrate on the ‘Who?’ meaningful and transformative change begins to take shape!
I am honored to be part of Kinavic Leadership Acceleration, an organization founded on the principle that nurturing and maximizing leadership talent demands the fusion of science and data-driven insights as well as wisdom and a deep human understanding.

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