Rachel Hudson
Executive Advisor

Today’s velocity of change is unprecedented. Having worked for and with startups to global organizations in both the public and private sectors, I am experienced at mobilizing people to quickly adapt and take action. I thrive at the intersection of people, organizations, leadership, and strategy. My passion is equipping leaders to drive integrated success for themselves, their teams, and their organization. Yesterday’s record setting achievement is today’s qualifying metric.

Favorite Problem to Solve
Simplifying the complexity that comes from the interconnectedness of people, processes, and systems to help clients take action to increase individual and organizational capacity and effectiveness.
Unique Perspective
My ability to be a systems thinker while focused on the individual- how the system and the individual simultaneously influence each other.
What I Value Most
Being with loved ones and sharing new experiences. Good food and the great outdoors enhance everything. Earning the trust of others is invaluable.
Good people doing good work together in service of our clients with laughs along the way – how could I not want to be part of the Kinavic team?

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