The Kinavic Leadership Acceleration Story

In recent years, there has been an important shift in how firms measure success from their most important asset – their people. Accelerating success is no longer just about acquiring great executive talent; it’s about actively investing in leaders and teams to maximize potential.

Hiring, accelerating, and retaining top leadership talent has never been more complex – or more important – and that’s why Kinavic Leadership Acceleration exists.

We’re incredibly proud of our history as the Leadership Results Practice at Beecher Reagan, where this team shaped the path and impact of high-level consulting and leadership talent for decades. Today, Kinavic Leadership Acceleration’s insights and algorithms are the product of years of consistent results and real-world application.

By maximizing the potential of executive talent, we drive measurable performance acceleration improvements, including greater return on human capital investments, sustainable practice growth, and increased diversity.

We’re driven by an unrelenting focus on what it means to realize the full potential of your leaders and teams, and we look forward to the opportunity to work with firms that seek a talent strategy that drives measurable results.