After the Great Resignation: How to Develop and Retain Executive Talent

There was a time when things like stock options, equity grants, and unlimited time off were all it took to attract and retain leadership talent. 

But now, faced with a global pandemic and civil unrest, today’s executive talent faces a personal reckoning. As people reshuffle their careers in search of more meaningful opportunities, leadership talent has become increasingly scarce—and expensive. 

Companies must reexamine the way they think about attracting and, most importantly, retaining leadership talent. And the best way to do that is through performance acceleration. 

Here’s why.

The Case for Performance Acceleration

At an organizational level, performance acceleration is most simply a strategy or design to identify and enable growth by successfully ramping up new leaders and accelerating the leaders you already have.   

On a granular level, it means giving your leadership headlights into the motivations and opportunities for growth so they can feel more engaged, fulfilled, and in turn, achieve their greatest potential. 

Imagine cutting new partners’ time to traction in half so that your investment in talent begins to pay dividends in nine months instead of 18. 

Or increasing partner sales by 5%. 

Multiply these gains across an entire organization and performance acceleration has the potential to deliver sustained and measurable growth—by simply investing in the leadership talent that’s already within. 

Especially in times of change, performance acceleration done right is the differentiator that your organization needs to get and stay ahead—during the Great Resignation and beyond.

Here’s how Kinavic Leadership Acceleration is helping our clients do just that.

The Three Keys to Performance Acceleration

1. Unparalleled data

Leadership talent looks different in every industry. So measuring professional services talent against that of academia, medicine, or with broad strengths metrics won’t give you the insights you need to maximize your leadership talent. 

Using the data markers of managing director (MD) or partner level placements who perform in the top 20% of their peer group one year after placement, Kinavic Leadership Acceleration has identified the key skills, capabilities, and traits that indicate an individual’s potential for leadership effectiveness.

Our data is informed by our 23 years of experience making successful MD-level placements at Beecher Reagan. And it’s the only set of occupational data exclusive to the professional services industry. 

2. Finding the intersection of science and wisdom

Good data is the raw power behind effective performance acceleration. But the key to harnessing that power is at the intersection of data and insights that inform your acceleration strategy. 

Kinavic Leadership Acceleration uses a data-driven but human-centered approach to finding that intersection. 

We assess the personality traits and data markers of an organization’s top talent against our experiential data to understand what makes your people tick. 

  • What are their intrinsic motivators and how do they show up on any given day? 
  • What is being asked of them? 
  • How are they being measured?  
  • What are their most likely challenges?
  • What are their most powerful opportunities?  

Using an insights-driven system to assess each individual leader’s profile, we can validate and uncover the opportunities and challenges that will help them reach their fullest potential. 

3. Creating a holistic plan for performance acceleration

Data and numbers aside, there is still a lot of art to the science of performance acceleration.  

That’s why Kinavic Leadership Acceleration believes in a bespoke approach to creating a holistic experiential development plan uniquely customized to your talent and your organization. 

We work closely with you and your leaders to assess whether they are pointed in the right direction and are organizationally aligned to the highest and best use of their talent. 

At the same time, we look at gaps in specific skills and capabilities and design an individualized plan to close that gap. Then we work through that plan with your talent until we get it just right. 


Leadership performance acceleration, done early and done right, can help you protect and leverage your investment in the people that power your growth.

Are you ready to reimagine all that you have to offer your leadership talent? 

Kinavic Leadership Acceleration stands ready to support you and your talent strategies. 

Angela Navarro
Angela has dedicated her entire career to accelerating performance – of leaders, clients, and firms. She has a true passion for maximizing the potential of executive talent to drive measurable improvements, including greater return on human capital investments, sustainable practice growth, and increased diversity.