Sara Roberts
Client Advisor

I work with executives and their leadership teams to successfully envision, lead, and mobilize big change in high stakes moments. I help these leaders to build a vision, shift their culture, build their teams, and create change in their organizations, while helping them build trust in one another, shift their own ways of leading, and equip them to be the transformational leaders that their businesses need.

Favorite Problem to Solve
Helping leaders, who are taking on a transformational remit, to gain the confidence, clarity, and capability to successfully lead their teams and organizations to the future.
Unique Perspective
I’m a consultant, entrepreneur, author, and executive coach who has seen the inside of dozens of Fortune 250 companies, big brands, and high growth start-ups over the last twenty years. I’ve built and sold a company, led organization development and talent for Google’s core consumer businesses, and studied, practiced, and wrote about organizational performance and culture in a wide variety of settings. I’ve had the opportunity to practice at scale and see what works and doesn’t work when change is accelerated and everyone and everything has to move at a breakneck speed.
What I Value Most

I love taking in experiences and soaking life in with my husband, son, friends, and family. We’re lucky to have a great circle of friends who are up for adventures together – whether traveling, gathering at our home in Napa, CA, taking in live music, or hiking Yosemite.

On the professional front, I love helping leaders and their teams see new possibilities for themselves and unleash energy and conviction they may not have known they have.

I have had the opportunity to work with Kinavic leaders in the past and know them as incredibly insightful, pragmatic, and values-led. I’m fortunate to be part of that kind of company.

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